Dr. Anzalone is currently accepting new patients. New patient visits are in-depth and thorough, typically lasting around 90+ minutes. Patients interested in seeing Dr. Anzalone should have a previous diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) or a referral from another physician to investigate a possible diagnosis of MS. Dr. Anzalone is also able to see patients for other neurologic diagnoses such as: NMO, optic neuritis, migraine, headache, seizures and stroke.

Dr. Anzalone is also willing to see patients in their home, doing old-fashioned “house calls”. This can be a real benefit for patients who may find it difficult to get into the office due to transportation or mobility issues.

We can also accommodate after-hours and weekend visits if needed.

Established patient visits

Dr. Anzalone sees patients she knows as follow-ups. These visits tend to run 30+ minutes and occur every 6 months. This is a time to review labs, MRIs, medication effectiveness and address any symptoms you may be having. We will also discuss diet, exercise, sleep, mood, stress and relationships in an effort to get you feeling your best.



We have a state of the art infusion suite where we perform intravenous (IV) infusions of MS drugs such as: Tysabri, rituximab, Ocrevus, Lemtrada, IV methylprednisolone (IVMP). We also infuse headache cocktails, hydration therapy and vitamins. Infusions of disease modifying therapies for MS are typically covered by insurance and pharmaceutical company copay assistance programs. We are happy to explain how all of this works during your visit or over the phone.


We accept Medicare and UnitedHealthcare for all services including consultations and infusions of IV medications such as Tysabri, Ocrevus, rituximab, Lemtrada, and steroids.

Please call us if you have other commercial insurance or do not have insurance.

We do take Medicaid for established patients that Dr. Anzalone has seen in the past. If you have Medicaid and are a new patient, please have your referring physician reach out and call Dr. Anzalone at 720.263.6290.

Our Fees

We believe in transparency in healthcare. You should know how much you are expected to pay before you come in. You should never receive a surprise bill in the mail from us. We accept payment at the time of visit for consultations in the form of health savings accounts (HSA), cash, Venmo, PayPay, debit card, or credit card. After your visit you will receive a detailed receipt, also called a “Superbill” which you may submit to your insurance for “out of network” benefits. You may want to check with your insurance company to see if you have these types of benefits. We accept almost all insurance policies for infusion of MS drugs but we may collect copays, coinsurance and deductibles at the time of infusion. We will do our best to get insurance to pay completely for infusions and we will also work with the drug manufacturer to potentially pay any costs that insurance doesn’t cover. We accept Medicaid for established patients only or those coming with a telephone referral from another physician on a case by case basis. Below is our pricing for other services.